General Information


Molly Yoder and Junior Hernandez

Kind of Pairing:

Couple, Engaged




Before Pilot

Other Names:

Jully is the name of the relationship between Molly Yoder and Junior Hernandez.


They are both very young. They are only eighteen years old. But even their are only teens they are both very in love with each other. They at first didn't tell their parents about their relationship and feelings. But later in Pilot they did. They are together for a long time. Molly is also pregnant with Junior. Later when Junior finds that out her asks her to marry him. She first doesn't says anything but later she agrees to be his future wife.

Season 1Edit


  • They are first shown together. We can see that they were a couple before the Pilot episode.
  • They are both very in love with each other.
  • In this episode Molly reveals to Junior that she's pregnant with him.
  • Junior asks Molly to marry him in this episode.

Dan Finds Out

  • In this episode Molly and Junior go see Molly's ultrasound fo the first time.
  • They kiss and hug on the start of the episode

The Big RV Adventure


  • Molly and Junir talk in Molly's room and Junior says that he's scared to have sex in her parents house.
  • Later they have sex in their RV.

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